Bumper Balls
Minimum 6 Balls for 2 Hours

6-Balls $ 240.00 2 Hours
7-Balls $ 280.00 2 Hours
8-Balls $ 320.00 2 Hours
9-Balls $ 360.00 2 Hours
10-Balls $ 400.00 2 Hours

Bumper Ball $20.00/HOUR Per Ball
GST will be applied to all bookings

The inflatable item will not be set up unless the contract/ liability waiver is signed.

There is no cancellation fee for bad weather. If inclement weather including high winds (winds greater that 35kms) occurs on the day of your event, you can cancel or reschedule the booking. If during your event poor weather or high winds occur or approach, the inflatable will have to be deflated until the winds diminish

* Price and Inventory Subject to Change Without Notice - Updated 01/01/24

** Mileage rate
($ 1.25/km each way) applies to all out of town bookings.

Bumper Balls


Bumper balls are the newest invention. Playing with this fun toy is like wearing a SUMO SUIT, but more interesting and suitable for more places. You can use this to play on the grass soccer/football fields, parks, beach, inside gyms, etc.

Players can bump each other, kick the soccer ball together, knock each other out of the ring, etc.

 3 sizes of bumper balls:  4' diameter balls, suitable for kids between 4' -5' tall.
                                      5' diameter balls, suitable for kids & adults 5' - 6' tall.
                                      6' diameter balls, suitable for adults between 5' - 6' tall plus

bumper balls