Cotton Candy Machine

PRICE $ 100.00 3 Hours
  $ 200.00 7 Hours
 Sugar $ 15.00 30 Servings

* Price and Inventory Subject to Change Without Notice - Updated 01/01/24

** Mileage rate
 ($ 1.25/km each way) applies to all out of town bookings


**No Mileage charge if rented with inflatable

Cotton Candy Machine

The cotton candy measures approximately 27” x 27” x 38” tall.  It must 
be placed on a sturdy table or on a counter.  An adult must always run 
the cotton candy machine for safety reasons.  This item can be picked 
up or delivered. Delivery is free with a bouncer rental or other 
interactive equipment.  You will also need to purchase:

*Cotton Candy Sugar
* Bags

We currently have the following flavors of sugar:

Red Cherry
Blue Raspberry
Pink Vanilla

When booking the machine please specify how many bags you would like.