PRICE $ 600.00 3 Hours
  $ 700.00 4 Hours
  $ 750.00 7 Hours

$ 100.00 /HOUR

The inflatable item will not be set up unless the contract/ liability waiver is signed.

There is no cancellation fee for bad weather. If inclement weather including high winds (winds greater that 35kms) occurs on the day of your event, you can cancel or reschedule the booking. If during your event poor weather or high winds occur or approach, the inflatable will have to be deflated until the winds diminish

* Price and Inventory Subject to Change Without Notice - Updated 01/01/10

** Mileage rate
($ 0.75/km each way) applies to all out of town bookings

King of the Hill

"King of the Hill"!  Each player bounces and jumps trying to make
their opponent fall and eventually roll to the bottom of the unit.
Game can be played with 4-8 players, make sure that the amount 
of players you have playing at one time is not too overcrowded. 

You will find air flaps on the side of the mountain. These flaps 
control the air on the mountain. Having the flap entirely closed will 
make the 
mountain harder. Slightly open will reduce some of the 
air pressure. The amount of air depends on the amount of participants.

Size Space Required
35L x 35W x 8H
38L x 38W x 16H